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Karta med deltagande länder 2017
Map of participating countries in 2017

Take part in photographing heritage and monuments in Sweden!

Step-by-step guide

Wiki Loves Monuments began in the Netherlands in 2010 and has since grown to become a global competition in photography. The first year resulted in 12,500 pictures taken whilst in 2011 165,000 pictures were uploaded. About 5,000 of these were contributed via the Swedish competition in 2011.

The contest is running from the first until the last of September 2017 within participating countries. Wikimedia Sweden is jointly with the users on the Swedish-speaking Wikipedia responsible for the Swedish part of the competition.

Design of the competition

The participating countries will run their competitions parallel during September 2017. A Swedish jury will for the Swedish competition select 10 winning photos and the photographers behind these will be awarded prizes. Possibly will also these 10 winning photos be submitted to an international final. The competition have four categories;

The task is to photograph monuments and upload these on Wikimedia Commons, the free database where all images which Wikipedia (and all other possible users) utilize. A step by step guide on how to participate you will find here.


  • The picture can be taken earlier but must be uploaded on Wikipedia Commons in September 2017.
  • The picture must be taken by the person who uploads.
  • The person who uploads must submit an email address at the time of registering a user account on Commons as to enable us to contact you if a prize has been won.
  • Images taken in other countries may not be uploaded as part of the Swedish competition. You can however participate in other national competitions. On the international website you will find links to other national competitions.
  • Rules for the special prizes: An object that is not photographed when the competition begins renders 10 points for the first image and 1 extra point for each extra, but maximum 3 per building/ancient monument. In total 12 points per object is possible: 10+1+1. The competitor does not need to keep track of this, it will be calculated by us at the end of the competition. With “not photographed” we mean that there are no images in K-samsök, which in turn means that they don’t have photos in Bebyggelseregistret, FMIS, Wikimedia Commons or any of the other 56 institutions that deliver to K-samsök.




  • Axel Pettersson, Wikimedia Sverige
  • Anna Boman, Riksantikvarieämbetet
  • TBD

Cooperation and sponsor partners

Do you want to sponsor the Swedish part of Wiki Loves Monuments? Please, let us know!


You can continuously follow the Swedish competition by viewing all photos.